New Start – computer generated large scale outdoor advertisement, 3,66 m x 2.44 m, Skibbereen Arts Festival, August 2018
New Start

Skibbereen Arts Festival, Ireland | Jul 27 – Aug 5, 2018

Commissioned by the Skibbereen Arts Festival, this large scale advertisement represents a study of a futuristic idea of two parallel societies, one of which evolves into a new human species using genetic refinement and technological enhancements and the other, representing the current Homo sapiens, which will be destined to offset the balance of wealth and resources needed for this evolution by its own socio-economic servitude and disposability.

Elysian Fields is a term originating from Greek mythology identifying a place of final rest for the heroic and virtuous. The Elysian Fields in this future concept is a digitally constructed sensory arena that uses the original meaning as an advertising spin to promote a substitute life for the obsolete Homo sapiens.