Construction of ThereLight font from drawings and vector graphics.

Use and experimentation with the ThereLight font file in art work. Labyrinth, 3D render, 2016

custom typeface

custom typeface | ThereLight

December, 2015

Custom typeface developed based on English alphabet as an experiment examining whether meaning and sentiments in written context are driven by shapes of words rather then their actual meaning. Just like advertising, the meaning of words can be fluid based on their visual depiction. Following conceptual works on art & language by Joseph Kosuth, linguistic discourse by Noam Chomsky and the so called Stroop Efffect, the ambition is to introduce color into this excersise as well as phonetic pronounciation rules in order to create a new unadulterated clean expression tool for the new age. Collaboration and collective effort is appreciated in developing this further. If interested, I will send you a working ThereLight TTF font file.