IRON-R 18 | NSF & CIT CCAD | Cork | Ireland

Jul 16 - 21, 2018

Created a logo design and produced a short documentary for this iteration of the IRON-R18 as a thanks to artist and project director James L Hayes for the opportunity to participate in this great project.

IRON-R18 is an iron-casting project directed and developed by artist & CIT/CCAD lecturer James L Hayes in association with CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and National Sculpture Factory and facilitated through funding from the Arts Office at Cork City.

This project is designed as an intensive 6-day laboratory taking place from Mon 16th – Sat 21st July and it will be run at 2 venues, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and the National Sculpture Factory. During the IRON-R18 week, there will be offsite events and talks included related to the artists involved and the overall context of the project.

Hand & Eye Coordination - series of iron casts from 3D printed models, IRONR-18, 2018