Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland
Oct 11 – Nov 7 | Nov 22 – Dec 22, 2018

ENDUSER is an evolving two-part exhibition taking place in Triskel Christchurch over three months. This site-specific installation alludes to the mind-set we, as users, hold towards science and technology and its revolutionary potential that allows us to contest the boundaries of our collective existence traditionally demarcated by the external concept of God. This trend, however, also entails some dark aspects of how we relate to ourselves, one another, and our environment, all of which is the subject matter of the exhibited artwork.

The exhibition has been realized with support or funding from Triskel Arts Centre, Valerie Gleeson Development Bursary, National Sculpture Factory, Cork City Council Arts Office and The Arts Council of Ireland.

venividiphoto_Tomas Penc_Enduser 1_05_WEB
venividiphoto_Tomas Penc_Enduser 1_09_WEB
venividiphoto_Tomas Penc_Enduser 1_03_WEB
Tomas Penc_Enduser 2_01_High Res
Tomas Penc_Enduser 2_03_High Res

ENDUSER – audio/visual installation, holographic projectors, sound, duration 3:50 minutes, dimensions variable, 2018; photo credits venividiphoto.net

The Last Judgement – computer generated animation and sound, loop, duration 2:04 minutes, 2018; photo credits venividiphoto.net

Strawberries Advertisement – computer generated animation, loop, duration 1:30 minutes, 2018

Digital Waste Disposal Site – computer generated composite animation, loop, duration 2:20 minutes, 2018

Closing Credits – sound, mild steel, electronic parts, 2018

Marked For Deletion – computer generated composite animation and sound, loop, duration 3:12 minutes, 2018