Tomas Penc’s artwork draws from psychology and symbolism used in advertising industry, visual art references, and popular culture signifiers and the ways they determine meaning and frame of perception in the current world. It is concerned with the unresolved relationship we have with the present day technology as the “new reality” through which this perceived world is operated, both in abstract and material terms. The approach to the work is open-ended and idea driven, the resulting artwork is usually project based and often site-specific.

The long-term aim of the research is to include the audience in the so called “participation mystique”, incorporating kinetic sculpture elements, sound, interactive installation and 3D animation/projection.

September, 2018 | studio | Backwater Artist Studios

June, 2018 | residency | Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre

February, 2018 | residency | Arteles SAE Programme

November, 2017 | research | 3d compositing & sound

October, 2017 | research | real-time sound visualisations

October, 2017 | workshop | video projection mapping at FSAS

February, 2017 | research | 3D printing & prototyping

January, 2017 | studio | National Sculpture Factory

February, 2016 | research | motion triggered movement

December, 2015 | research | custom typeface

September, 2014 | research | sequencing and visual rhythm

June, 2014 | research | 3D modeling and rendering


Oct 11 – Nov 7 | Nov 22 – Dec 22, 2018

Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland

An evolving two-part exhibition taking place in Triskel Christchurch over three months. This site-specific installation alludes to the mind-set we, as users, hold towards science and technology and its revolutionary potential that allows us to contest the boundaries…

new start

Jul 27 – Aug 5, 2018

Skibbereen Arts Festival, Skibbereen, Ireland

Commissioned by the Skibbereen Arts Festival, this large scale advertisement represents a study of a futuristic idea of two parallel societies, one of which evolves into a new human species using genetic refinement and technological enhancements and the other, representing the current Homo sapiens, which will be destined to offset the balance of wealth…

relativity of achievement

Jun 23 – Jul 16, 2018

Doswell Gallery, Roscarberry, Ireland

Presented in Sweet Autos group exhibition themed around present day existence in this world. Relativity of Achievement is a self-contained investigation of new technologies (computer aided design and 3D printing) and their possible use in fine art sculpture production process.

Relativity of Achievement – mild steel, Jesmonite, 11cm x 11cm x 120cm, Sweet Autos group exhibition, Doswell Gallery, Roscarberry, July 2018

isochronal II

Mar 23 – Mar 28, 2018

St. Peter’s Cork, Ireland, part of Cork Sound Fair 2018

This second edition of the artists’ collaboration for Cork Sound Fair at St Peter’s Cork incorporates an interactive element which lets viewers speak directly into the exhibited object to trigger visual content. The installation uses projection, ceramic, metal and sound.


the paradise of the heart

Jan 27 – Feb 8, 2018

TACTIC Gallery, Elizabeth Fort, Cork, Ireland

Inspired by an allegorical literary work Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart by the 17th century scholar John Amos Comenius, this collaborative exhibition examines the concept of home as a safe place for personal development and self-expression. In the exhibition, the artists respond visually to this allegorical work and bring its subject matter into the contemporary context of Cork city…


Sep 22, 2017

National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland, part of Culture Night 2017

Isochronal is a collaboration between Tomas Penc and Kevin Callaghan. Inspired by their individual practices, this real-time enquiry through sound, visuals and aesthetic composition seeks to transcend fragmentation between traditional and contemporary art disciplines and create a new synthesised artwork…


A ten minute audio only excerpt of the performance.

angular oppressors II

Sep 5 – 23, 2016

James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT, Cork, Ireland

The second iteration of the Angular Oppressors interactive installation at the James Barry Exhibition Centre organised
by the CIT Arts Office…

angular oppressors web video

Jun 9 – 15, 2016

Fine Art Degree Exhibition, Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland

angular oppressors

Jun 9 – 15, 2016

Fine Art Degree Exhibition, Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland

Interactive Installation incorporating four sculptural stacks that react and start playing upon detection of motion. Each stack produces different note, together creating harmony. The sound is produced by a custom made speaker assembly replacing traditional speaker cone with an embossed print. The sculptural forms in front of the speakers were cast in the Czech Republic from a special aluminium alloy used for parts in aviation, industrial applications but also armed vehicle weaponry systems…